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The Art of Becoming is a catalyst on a journey to self-actualization and growth mindset. It seeks to remove the blockages that can create stagnancy and inhibit growth. Author Franklin Brewer provides practical tools in self-reflection, mindfulness, and mindset shift to guide you through the transition from barely surviving to Energetic Excellence. Get relatable explanations of terms like “energy” and “high vibes” and learn how they apply to the journey you’re already walking. The Art of Becoming is an 8 step guide which uses Biblical principles, meditation techniques, journaling, and affirmations to understand and harness the energy we possess. Are you ready to go to your next level?

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Franklin Brewer is an author, teacher, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and mindset coach from Columbus, OH. He is a nature lover and you can often find him with airpods in, sitting by a tree or near some body of water. Always in motion, Franklin loves driving, mountain biking, yoga, tai chi or anything that allows him to move his energy. He is a proud father of three beautiful, intelligent, and strong daughters, and a self-proclaimed gourmet chef. Franklin received a Bachelor of Music degree from Kentucky State University and a Masters of Music from Bowling Green State University, both in Vocal Performance. 

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